How Did You Get that Image? Workshop: Jan. 17, 2023

  • 7 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2023
  • How Did You Get That Image, presented by K.P.Wilska
  • Dial in with Zoom: Meeting ID: 879 0381 6327, Passcode: 346707
  • Twins, above, won 2nd place in the Master prints category at 2022 year-end competition and Best in Show in January 2022.

Join Master photographer K.P. Wilska, right, for our first 2023 workshop that explains the photographer’s vision and technique.

This workshop will be an in-depth, but casual, presentation hosted by club president Jeff Heyer that will discuss the following:

  • Equipment used in the taking of the image.
  • Location where the image was taken.
  • Technical aspects of how the image was shot, such as ISO, F-stop, shutter speed, tripod, shutter release, lighting, etc.
  • How was the image processed, Lightroom or Photoshop, special processing used?
  • How did the photographer conceive the image, was it spontaneous or planned?
  • What were the thoughts on the image before entering it in a competition?
  • A discussion about the photographer’s journey to whatever level they are in the club. 
  • Any other questions about what makes this an outstanding image.

K.P. is in the Master’s competition category and regularly wins awards in the year-end and monthly competitions. He also is a past board member.

Fort Worth Camera Club Workshops are free and open to anyone interested in photography. Competition is open only to members who have paid current year dues; join us!

Club Activities Archive: 2022

These Fort Worth Camera Club posts are no longer live on the website. If you need information related to these 2022 programs, outings and workshops, please email the club at Image: Black Hills Wildflower, Roy O’Rear.

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Making Memories with Photobooks and Magazines Workshop: Nov. 15, 2022

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Image above, Showing Off, by Nancy Abby

Making Memories with Photobooks and Photo Magazines Workshop: Nov. 15, 2022

Two master photographers will explain how to preserve your photographic legacy by creating photobooks and photo magazines for family and friends.

Club members Ron Shue, far right, and Ken Sparks, near right, have created more than 45 photo books and magazines between them and will show you some samples, recommend companies and demonstrate the software used to create them.

Recipients – especially young children, who love photobooks – will be excited to receive one from you, say our experts. Giving others a photobook of your best images will help them remember you.

Whether it is an annual photobook of your best images, a compilation of images of a certain subject, a small photobook of a grandchild’s soccer season, birthday party or dance recital, a vacation trip with friends or family, or the creation of a family scrapbook, you need to take the initiative and get to work on holiday presents for friends and family. This workshop will get you started.

Following the presentation, we’ll view images submitted from recent Outings and the monthly Photo Challenge.

Photobook images by Ron (National Grandpa) and Ken (baseball, New York and Big Bend.)

Selling Photography in the Print-On-Demand Marketplace Workshop: Sept. 20, 2022

View a recording of this Workshop (expires in 10 days):

  • 7 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2022
  • Selling Photography in the Print-On-Demand Marketplace, presented by Stephen Stookey, PhD

This program will:

Stephen Stookey
  • Introduce print-on-demand (POD) marketplace options, products, pros and cons.
  • Suggest strategies for starting a POD business.
  • Discuss pricing and promotion.

Print-on-Demand (POD) companies offer artists the possibility of online revenue streams with the ease of outsourced production, distribution and customer service. Artists face a plethora of POD providers and product choices. Finding the right fit is essential to a positive online POD experience.

Stephen Stookey, a club Master photographer, wandered into the POD marketplace in June 2013 with a handful of images to list and plenty of curiosity. It took a bit of exploration to discover the right mix of product, pricing and promotion for POD success, he says. Working with POD sites like Fine Art America, Stephen discovered a pathway to a profitable POD presence. Additionally, his POD presence opened the door to image use in Hollywood productions, hotel and business installations and private commissions.

Stephen’s POD annual income supports his work and travel with global ministry organizations, funds family activities and pays for equipment upgrades – all of which make his CPA (wife Beverly) very happy.

Stephen is a university dean/church history professor/ordained minister. His love for photography began with a Kodak Instamatic 104 and a handful of GE flash cubes. Now with Canon equipment in hand, Stephen captures visual stories from locations of natural beauty, historical importance and spiritual significance. His images appear in publications and Hollywood productions and hang on the walls of businesses, homes and high-end hotels.

Stephen operates Stephen Stookey Photography, an online print on demand business.