Milky Way Photography Workshop: March 21, 2023; Download the video and PDF

Join club member Randy Whiddon March 21 for the second of two workshops about night photography and capturing the Milky Way. His Feb. 15 workshop provided basic information, available in this PDF. The March workshop will include additional guidance for capturing the night sky.

Image above, Alstrom Point Milky Arch, which won 3nd place in year-end awards and 1st place in Advanced competition in January 2022.

This workshop will be an in-depth, but casual, presentation hosted by club president Jeff Heyer that will discuss the following:

  • Equipment used in the taking of the image.
  • Location where the image was taken.
  • Technical aspects of how the image was shot, such as ISO, F-stop, shutter speed, tripod, shutter release, lighting, etc.
  • How was the image processed, Lightroom or Photoshop, special processing used?
  • How did the photographer conceive the image, was it spontaneous or planned?
  • What were the thoughts on the image before entering it in a competition?
  • A discussion about the photographer’s journey to whatever level they are in the club. 
  • Any other questions about what makes this an outstanding image.

Randy regularly wins awards in monthly competitions and often enters night and astrophotography images. Photo, Randy and Carol Whiddon at the 2022 year-end awards banquet. He also will present a more detailed Workshop about astrophotography on March 23.

Fort Worth Camera Club Workshops are free and open to anyone interested in photography. Competition is open only to members who have paid current year dues; join us!