Award Winning Images 2022

These images are winners in 2022 monthly club member competitions.

Images are identified by title, award (1st, 2nd, 3rd, honorable mention, Best in Show), category (B = Beginner, A = Advanced, M= Master, BP = Beginner Print, AP = Advanced Print, MP = Master Print), photographer’s name, date. If image is slow to load, be patient or refresh the page. The most recent winners are at the end of the slide show – a quirk of how the software organizes the slide show.

Enjoy, but remember: these images are copyrighted by the photographer. Contact us on Facebook or by email if you want more information. Or, do an online search for “stock photos.”

Monthly Fun Photo Challenge: 2022

Above, Fort Worth Public Market, September 2022 photo challenge subject, submitted by Ken Sparks. Find more on our Facebook page. Find guidelines and topics below. Please be safe during our hot Texas weather: stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and protective clothing.

The monthly challenge with no scores or judging continues in 2022. Photos are shared at the second Thursday Competition meeting for everyone’s enjoyment.

JAN 11      Night Lights: holiday lights, neon light

FEB. 8       Fort Worth Stock Show (Jan. 14-Feb. 5) (other than Dickies Arena events

MAR 8      Cowtown Marathon (Feb 26-27)

APRIL 12  Log Cabin Village, 2100 Log Cabin Lane, Fort Worth

MAY 10    Main Street Arts Festival, (April 7-10) Fort Worth

JUN 14    Chua Huong Doa Buddhist Temple (exterior), 4717 E. Rosedale, Fort Worth

JUL 12      Night or Day Photography in downtown Fort Worth

AUG 9      Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth

SEP 13      Fort Worth Public Market (exterior), 1400 Henderson, Fort Worth

OCT 11     Botanic Garden, 3220 Botanic Garden Blvd., Fort Worth

NOV 8      Sinclair Station Restoration, 3725 McCart Ave., Fort Worth


The Photo Challenge will be separate from monthly member competition and will not have scores or awards; it’s for fun, sharing ideas and learning how other members view the same subjects. Here’s how it works:

  • Each month has an assigned subject.
  • Photos must be taken after Nov. 16, 2021.
  • Members may enter up to three images each month.
  • The images will be shown during our Zoom meeting on a Tuesday following our workshop and posted as a group on Facebook as an album.
  • The images will be displayed in no particular order and the photographer’s name will be announced. Questions and positive comments are welcome as the image is shown. We want to enjoy the range of creativity of our members.

Submission of Images

  • Rename your images using your first and last name with a space in between; put a number 2 after your name if entering a second image; put a number 3 after your name if entering a third image.
  • No need to remove metadata.
  • Re-size your images to 1920 pixels wide and 1280 pixels high
  • New email address: Email them to on or before midnight of the 2nd Tuesday of the month with a subject line of “FWCC Photo Challenge Submission.”

Challenge Committee members are Ken Sparks, Ken Spencer and Vicki Lai.


Competition Entries: September 2022

These are images entered in the club’s monthly competition. Entries are submitted on the first Thursday of each month with awards and judge’s comments presented on the third Thursday meeting. Good luck to all!

User Guide for Competition Entry Sizes

The Competition Committee has noticed  some apparent confusion about the correct size for monthly entries. Out of 40 images in the June 2021 competition, six were not at the maximum allowed resolution.

Images may be up to 1920 pixels wide and up to 1280 pixels high. Smaller images won’t be disqualified, but they are at a disadvantage when they’re judged. 

Keep in mind that a landscape image could be exactly 1920 x 1280, but most images will have either a smaller width or height. For example, a panorama may be 1920 x 640. A standard portrait may be 850 x 1280. A square crop would be 1280 x 1280. Sizing can get a little complicated. Just make sure that the width is 1920 pixels or less AND the height is 1280 or less.

After you export your image, double-check the size before you submit it to make sure it’s neither too small nor too large. Remember that if you submit an image that is larger than these dimensions, it could be disqualified.

  • Always export your JPEGs at maximum quality. 
  • In Lightroom, that means setting Quality to 100 when you export your image. 
  • In Photoshop, if you use Save As, set Quality to 12; if you use the newer export dialog box, set Quality to 100 percent.

Learn more about monthly competition, which is open to members.

Not a member? Download a member form and join us. Dues are reduced by half as of July 1.


Competition Entries: August 2022

These are images entered in the club’s monthly competition. Entries are submitted on the first Thursday of each month with awards and judge’s comments presented on the third Thursday meeting. Good luck to all!