Award Winning Images 2021

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These images are winners in 2021 monthly club member competitions.

Images are identified by title; award (1st, 2nd, 3rd, honorable mention, Best in Show); category (B = Beginner, A = Advanced, M= Master); followed by photographer’s name, date. If image is slow to load, be patient or refresh the page.

Enjoy, but remember: these images are copyrighted by the photographer. Contact us on Facebook or by email if you want more information. Or, do an online search for “stock photos.”

We’re back! In-Person Meetings Resume: Aug. 5, 2021

Join us for an in-person meeting or by Zoom on Thursday, Aug. 5.  Enter the building at the lower level indicated by the red star on the map. Parking is free.

The Fort Worth Camera Club Board of Directors has approved the following guidelines for in-person attendance:

  • Masks are optional. We will trust our members and guests to follow local and national guidelines for protection against COVID-19.
  • Please leave vacant two chairs/spaces between you and others, except those with whom you live or regularly associate.

Our competition (open to members) has been digital-only during the pandemic, but we will again include prints in competition for the remaining months of 2021 beginning in August. We will resume year-end cumulative point awards for prints in 2022.

Prints must be submitted on Aug. 5 and at the first Thursday meeting thereafter, as usual, but please note: Print entrants must also submit a digital image of their entry. This will allow attendees on Zoom to view the print at the third Thursday meeting when awards and scores are presented.

If you have questions about print entries, please contact Ken Spencer.

  • To submit a digital or print entry, follow these guidelines: PDF 2021 Competition Entry Guide
  • Submit a digital image of your print to
  • Submit your digital image of a print the same way digital images are submitted. Indicate that it is an image of a print by adding the letter “P” after B, A, or M when naming your image. (Example for someone in Class B: BP_1628_Fall Colors.jpg)
  • Submit your print entry at the in-person first Thursday meeting.

 Join us in person

  • Download the map shown above: PDF 2021 Meeting Location UNTHSC
  • Enter the lower level indicated by the red star on the map. 
  • View this video guide to our regular meeting location in the UNT Health Science Center:


Competition Entries: July 2021

User Guide for Competition Entry Sizes

The Competition Committee has noticed  some apparent confusion about the correct size for monthly entries. Out of 40 images in the June 2021 competition, six were not at the maximum allowed resolution.

Images may be up to 1920 pixels wide and up to 1280 pixels high. Smaller images won’t be disqualified, but they are at a disadvantage when they’re judged. 

Keep in mind that a landscape image could be exactly 1920 x 1280, but most images will have either a smaller width or height. For example, a panorama may be 1920 x 640. A standard portrait may be 850 x 1280. A square crop would be 1280 x 1280. Sizing can get a little complicated. Just make sure that the width is 1920 pixels or less AND the height is 1280 or less.

After you export your image, double-check the size before you submit it to make sure it’s neither too small nor too large. Remember that if you submit an image that is larger than these dimensions, it could be disqualified.

Learn more about monthly competition, which is open to members.

Not a member? Download a member form and join us: PDF 2021 Membership Enrollment Dues are reduced by half as of July 1.

Competition Entries: June 2021