Year-End Award Winners: 2022

Congratulations to these winners in the 2022 year end competition!

  • Year-end winners are selected from images submitted each month by members. Designations are BD = Beginner Digital, AD = Advanced Digital, MD = Masters Digital, BP = Beginner Prints, AP = Advanced Prints, MP = Masters Prints.
  • Photographer of the Year is awarded in each class based on total points for the year.
  • Learn more about Competition.

Photographer of the Year and Year End Award Winning Images


Award Winning Images 2022

These images are entries and award winners in 2023 monthly club member competitions.

Images are identified by title, award (1st, 2nd, 3rd, honorable mention, Best in Show), category (B = Beginner, A = Advanced, M= Master, BP = Beginner Print, AP = Advanced Print, MP = Master Print), photographer’s name, date. If image is slow to load, be patient or refresh the page.

Enjoy, but remember: these images are copyrighted by the photographer. Contact us on Facebook or by email if you want more information. Or, do an online search for “stock photos.”



Competition Entries: November 2022


Competition Entries: October 2022


Competition Entries: September 2022