Programs, workshops and outings provide members with opportunities to learn about creativity and artistry, technology and software, photo gear and equipment, travel and other topics. We ask that attendees follow Covid-19 precautions suitable for their circumstances at all activities.

Programs and Competition

Programs at our first Thursday meeting feature a presentation by local or national experts; monthly competition entries are due. Our third Thursday gathering is the presentation of competition awards and judge’s comments. Programs begin at 7 p.m. unless otherwise indicated. Information about speakers and topics will be published prior to each meeting on this website. Contact us at to suggest speakers and topics.


Workshops provide tools and knowledge to improve photography skills. Workshops, usually the third Tuesday of each month, are conducted by Zoom. Information and login credentials will appear on this website.


Outings in the north Texas area are scheduled monthly and allow us to share ideas and tips as we discover interesting photo subjects. Outings are free or low-cost; participants pay for food, gas and transportation. The club assumes no liability related to participation. The Fort Worth and Dallas camera clubs also have compiled a list of Photo Opportunities for your independent explorations.

Fun Photo Challenge

Anyone can participate in our fun monthly photo challenge with deadlines, but no judges or scoring. Submissions are shown during the monthly Workshop.

The Bird Competition

Learn more about the annual Fort Worth versus Dallas Camera Club contest, which, despite its name, is not about bird photography. Rather, it is a friendly face-off with our fellow hobbyists to the east.