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Professional photographers from throughout north Texas serve as judges for the club’s monthly competitions. Learn about judges; find 2019 judges.  

January 2020: Malinda Julien, Cr. Photog, Cr.

Monthly competition entries are due Thursday, Jan. 2; review and awards will be at the third Thursday meeting, 7 p.m., Jan. 16.

Judge Malinda Julien 400wMalinda M. Julien is co-owner of Julien & Lambert Photographic Services which has studios in Fort Worth, Abilene and Honolulu. She specializes in food, architectural and professional dog show events.

She is a certified member of the Professional Photographers Association of America, American Society of Media Photographers and American Society of Photographers.

She is immediate past president of the Fort Worth Professional Photographers Association of America, and is a member of the Dallas and Texas associations.