Competition is a great way to learn about the art and technology of photography, get feedback about your skills and vision and find new challenges.

  • Member log in to find contest scores.
  • Entries are due by midnight on the first Thursday of each month.
  • Awards, scores and judge’s comments are presented at the third Thursday meeting.  

Submit Your Image

  • Find a Print and Digital 2022 FWCC Competition Guide v.3; please read carefully.
  • Color and monochrome digital images will be judged together. Metadata will be removed prior to forwarding the images to the judge.
  • Competition is open to members age 10 and older who have paid current year dues. Not a member? Join us: 2022 FWCC Member Enrollment.
  • Only those images that meet competition deadlines, formats and guidelines will be judged.
  • Images may be entered in these categories in Print and Digital formats: B (Beginner), A (Advanced) and Master (view guidelines for criteria.)
  • Good luck!

Learn About Judges

Contest judges are not current club members, nor do they receive information about entrants.

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