Colorado Color 2500w Canvas

Competition Revised

We will limit competition to digital entries only until we return to in-person meetings. 

Stay safe, all.

Competition is a great way to learn about the art and technology of photography, improve your skills and find new challenges. PDF 2020 Why Enter Competition? (Above, award winner Colorado Color, Jon McFarling)

Submit Your Image

Images must be submitted by the first Thursday meeting each month. Awards, scores and judge’s comments are presented at the third Thursday meeting. Awards also are presented in all categories at a year-end contest.

  • Competition is open to members age 10 and older who have paid current year dues. Not a member? Join us: PDF 2021 FWCC Membership Enrollment
  • Only those images that meet competition deadlines, formats and guidelines will be judged.
  • Print and digital images may be entered in these categories: B (Beginner), A (Advanced) and Master (view guidelines for criteria.)
  • Lightroom user? Find a guide to a PDF-Lightroom-Export-Template for contest entries.
  • Good luck!

Learn About Judges

Contest judges are not club members, nor do they receive information about entrants.