We won! The Bird Roosts in Fort Worth: 2024

Fort Worth won the annual Fort Worth Camera Club versus Dallas Camera Club competition by one point, 315 to 314. Fort Worth has won the annual contest every year since 2007.

  • Learn more about the competition and its history.
  • View Fort Worth overall winners below.
  • Above, Fort Worth members who represented us at the competition, from left, Brenda Greco, Milt Siems, Jeff Heyer, Peggy Gibson, Marsha Ezell, Shawn Gibson, Tom Savage, Roy O’Rear. 

Dallas won the Print section 160 to 156.  Print winners were:

  • 1st place: Comical Man Wearing a Coconut Hat by Susan Kindley (Dallas) 
  • 2nd place: The Thinker by Mike Hill (Dallas) 
  • 3rd place: Courthouse Dome by John Nixon (Fort Worth) 
  • HM: Vermeer’s Onions by Nancy Mack (Dallas)

Fort Worth won the Digital section 159 to 154. Digital winners were:

  • 1st Place: Returning at the End of the Day by Jim Walsh (Dallas)
  • 2nd Place: Earl’s Easy Chair by Robert Chura (Fort Worth) 
  • 3rd Place: Looking Up by Ken Spencer (Fort Worth)
  • HM: Growing Up in the Rodeo by Clinton Kemp (Dallas)

Fort Worth Overall Winners