POSTPONED: Tin Type Photography Program: Oct. 5, 2023

Our speaker was ill and unable to join us. Thanks to club member and Master photographer Ron Shue, who filled in with a program about the use of masks in Lightroom. We hope to reschedule Sheena Dorton.

Sheena Dorton

Sheena Dorton once discovered a box of tin types in her great-grandmother’s closet. She was captivated by the grainy images and inspired to learn the meticulous techniques that made them.

Says Sheena: Tintype, also known as wet-plate collodion photography, is a timely and sensitive process that uses silver and collodion to capture a one-of-a-kind portrait that can’t be physically duplicated. Each image is produced by pouring the collodion onto the plate, exposing, developing and fixing the image – with the result being a beautiful archival photograph that is family heirloom-worthy.

She uses antique, pre-Civil War equipment, made of wood, leather and glass.