Black and White Photography: A Journey: Feb. 3, 2022

Dallas-based photographer Dennis Fritsche will share images and thoughts on black and white photography.

Says Dennis, “I, like many of us, grew up seeing black and white images in magazines, the movies and TV. Monochrome has always been part of my visual library. I did some B&W film photography but never did a serious, deep dive into the art. When I started serious work and study with digital technology, I did both color and black and white and still do. But black and white photography is my first choice. I enjoy training and sharing with other photographers.”

He was an engineer with Texas Instruments for 33 years, and has been a casual photographer since the 1970s. He acquired his first digital camera in 2003.   

Dennis is education director and a Fellow of the Dallas Camera Club, and a past president, program chair and current training chair of the Plano Photography Club.

His published work has appeared in galleries and magazines. He won the 2013 Grand Prize for the Trinity River Photography Contest.


Covid-19 Precautions

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