Glen Rose Outing: Sept. 18, 2021

After a scouting trip to Hico to plan for our Sept. 18 outing, we determined that there were a lot more photographic opportunities in Glen Rose and will go there instead.

Places to photograph

  • Six antique automobiles ranging from a Kaiser to a Mustang to a LaSalle, which are stored in a covered parking lot of the Paluxy River Apartments, 407 SE Barnard in Glen Rose. (When facing the front of the apartments, the parking lot is to the left.) We have received permission from the property owner to photograph them during this outing. Above, auto detail by John Nixon; right, by Ken Sparks.
  • Interior exhibits at the Barnard’s Mill and Art Museum, 307 SW Barnard Street (located next door to the old cars)
  • Inn on the River Hotel, 205 SW Barnard St, Glen Rose, TX
  • Petrified wood building at the intersection of SW Barnard and Pecan
  • Exterior shots of the County Courthouse located at the 100 block of SW Barnard Street.
  • Big Rocks Park, 1014 NE Barnard Street (large rocks and water)
  • Outlaw Station just outside Glen Rose (location: at the intersection of Hwy 312 and Outlaw Station Road. While many members have photographed it before, it is now listed for sale and may be torn down to re-use the materials elsewhere.


Plan on meeting for lunch at 11:30 am at Hammonds B-B-Q, 1106 NE Big Bend Trail in Glen Rose.

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