Vintage Auto Photos Workshop and Outing: June 15 and 19, 2021

Join Robert Chura June 15 to learn about finding and making creative images of old cars and materials. Above, Buick 8 and Pals; right, Vintage DeSoto, both by Robert.

Robert, a Lifetime member and regular award winner, will discuss equipment, techniques and processing that he uses to identify and make interesting and artistic images.

DeSoto GrilleJune 19 Outing

You can put the workshop’s suggestions to work at a June 19 Outing to Brown Salvage Yard, Sunset, Texas, which is north of Decatur on U.S. Hwy. 287.

Attendees should wear sturdy shoes, long pants and bring a hat. Try to arrive by 9 a.m. to avoid the heat. Bring lots of bug spray and be aware that snakes and various vermin could be present in the salvage yard.

Carpoolers could meet in Decatur and drive together, but there is a lot of parking room at the yard near the cars. Robert Chura’s favorites are located near the house and about 500 yards south. Do not block any access that the owner or his customers need. Be aware that you might need to move your car at any time.

This is a large area of vintage and old cars and we should find interesting details, classic models and fun things to photograph. Be sure to close any car doors or hoods that you open and return everything on the autos to the condition you found them. Do not take any souvenirs, only photos.There is no fee, but a small donation would be welcomed.

For a late breakfast or lunch, plan to go to Decatur, as there are no places to eat in Sunset.

Trent Browne, the owner, enjoys having people there finding interesting things to photograph. He is an iPhone photographer and has asked that if you post pictures on Facebook, please add the Browne Salvage link: