From Tourist to Explorer Program Recording : May 6, 2021

J. Alan Whiteside 400wAlan believes people tend to photograph in one of two modes: either as a tourist or an explorer. Neither mode is right, and it’s OK to switch back and forth – as long as it’s a conscious decision. When thinking about his own images, he considers images made in explorer mode to be more compelling, meaning they convey something he thought or felt when he was making them, or they’re worth more than just a quick glance.

But being a photographic explorer takes effort and thought. In this presentation, Alan will address some of the factors he believes contribute to a successful image, as well as the thought process that led to images he considers successful.

He’ll offer tips to help photographers identify a vision, a story or idea; find visually interesting shapes, colors and elements; eliminate distractions and draw the viewer’s eye.

Says Alan: My reading and research led me to the idea that planning what you wanted the photo to be produced stronger images. Current digital cameras allow me to overcome many technical issues and my best photos (at least in my estimation) have come when I consider the full range of factors that contribute to successful images prior to pressing the shutter.”

Alan is a business and learining consultant who lives in Dallas.

Future Programs

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