Lightroom-Photoshop tips: 5 p.m. May 7, 2020

If you have questions regarding this virtual workshop, please contact or president John Nixon. DO NOT contact Matt Kloskowski. As you can imagine, he has been bombarded since he extended this generous offer to camera clubs around the USA.

In this live webcast with professional photographer Matt Kloskowski, you’ll learn techniques for editing your photos in Lightroom and when to jump over to Photoshop to help out. This will be a late beginner to early intermediate level presentation, but really, it’s about having fun and improving your editing during this time indoors, says Matt.

Matt_Kloskowski_BW_400wThe session will be recorded but you’ll need to sign up to get the recording later. You’ll be able to enter the webcast room about 15 minutes prior to start.

The Fort Worth Camera Club is pleased to offer this session and grateful to Matt for sharing his expertise with photographers around the country. Stay safe, all.

Above, Fort Worth Camera Club previous competition entries.